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At Cycle Lab Active we are serious about Safety.

It is the responsibility of every single individual as a participant of Cycle Lab Active to unquestionably behave in a manner that reflects an awareness to one’s personal wellbeing and that of your fellow cyclists and other road or trail users. Good cycling etiquette is the order of the day when it comes to our club rides and we hope extends to every time you take to the road or the trails on your bike.

You are representing Cycle Lab and the cycling community as a whole. Be sure that your conduct is beyond reproach.

As Member of Cycle Lab Active you are required to undertake to follow the guidelines for safe riding. .

Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action


  • Obey the rules of the road:
    Conduct oneself with the same consideration as one would expect from any other road user, particularly motorists. Be aware of and courteous to motorists.
  • Only 2 abreast or single file riding will be allowed.
    Only Ride two abreast when it’s safe to do so and single file as an imperative when road conditions or circumstances leaves you no alternative to remaining safe. Listen to the instructions from your Group Leaders and exercise extreme caution and discipline when passing another peloton. DO NOT FAN OUT
  • Obey the Group Leaders
    They are there to ensure you are safe and enjoy the ride. They set the pace and in charge of your ride. Please assist them so that the ride proceeds smoothly
  • Be predictable:
    Ride in a consistent manner – keep a line.
  • Indicate:
    Before making a move.
  • Call out hazards:
    The rider in front is responsible for the one following. Find out from your Group Leaders what the hand signals are.  Learn the various hand signals.
  • Keep an even pace:
    Do not brake or slow unexpectedly – be aware that there is a compounding effect in the following pack.
  • Stand without dropping back:
    Call before standing out of the saddle & take care not to lose half a wheel.
  • Keep adequate distance to avoid overlapping:
  • No tri bikes or aero bars will be allowed on Cycle Lab rides.
  • All under 16 riders MUST be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian. We encourage parents/guardians to ride within the capabilities of their children and to take FULL responsibility for their safety. The under 16 rider and his/her guardian must be able to keep up with the group that it is riding with.
  • Report members that contravene the rules to your Group Leader

All cyclists are motorists but not all motorists are cyclists”



  • Official club kit
    Must be worn on all club rides.
  • Helmet
    Must be worn on all rides.
  • Gloves
    Are important protective gear and should be worn.
  • Road worthiness: 
    Bicycles & equipment must be maintained. The Tubeless system is recommended for MTB.
  • Cell phone: 
    Should be carried for safety in event of a breakdown, crash or getting lost etc.
  • Spares: 
    You should carry basic spares: tube, pump, and tyre levers etc.



Cycle Lab Active prides itself on providing a riding environment where everyone feels welcome and safe. Marshals are called Group Leaders and they will wear a yellow shirt. The Group Leader are in charge of the ride. It is impossible to marshal everyone in the club personally, so members are expected to take some personal responsibility.

  • Listen to the Group Leaders.
  • Ride no more than two abreast.
  • Do not surge ahead of the bunch.
  • Be courteous. Be cool.
  • Cycle Lab Active is all about Tempo riding. Pedal on the downhill and flats and steady on the climbs.
  • Cycle Lab Active will provide a sweeper safety vehicle courtesy of our Vehicle Sponsor Toyota to assist with crashes, medical or technical problems on the ride.
  • It is incumbent on each cyclist to be self-sufficient.
  • This means that you should carry all necessary spares with you on a ride.
  • It is important that you know how to repair a puncture.
  • In the event of a mechanical, if you are unable to repair the bike yourself you are able to call one of our support vehicles.
  • If you are able to repair the mechanical yourself, wait for the next group to come through and ride home.
  • Support vehicles will sweep behind the last group.
  • Group Leaders have a responsibility to the group as a whole and may not be able to stop to assist.
  • Ensure that you have the driver's number on your phone. This can be obtained from your club desk.

Cycle Lab Active provide a safe environment with a variety of ability groups for you to choose from to ride in, then a great cup of coffee and social chat afterwards with fellow, likeminded cyclists! We provide Group Leaders to control the appropriate pace for each group on the ROAD rides.


We recommend that cyclists of equal ability & fitness ride together. This works well when there are no more than 20 to 30 riders in a bunch for our Club Ride. We therefore encourage you to choose a group where you would be comfortable.

Our groups are as follows:

“A” & “B” GROUPS:

Are generally the ‘racing’ bunch and will not be expected to hold back for anyone who cannot keep up.

“C” & “D” and “E”GROUPS:

Are geared towards our social riders & beginners. These groups should stay together and ‘sit-up” from time to time to allow slower riders back into the bunch. We have up to 4D road groups on the Saturday rides.

Importantly, the Out & Back rides are intended to ensure that people are not “abandoned” should they slip off the back or have a mechanical.